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Canadian Rockies Biking 5 Days

Dare to be adventurous! Come and cycle along the most spectacular road in Canada, as you journey north to the breathtaking Jasper National Park.

Niagara Biking 5 Days

This is the perfect introduction to this lovely corner of Canada. Explore historic landmarks and towns, pedal past traditional red brick farmhouses sheltered by stately maple trees…

Prince Edward County Biking 6 Days

Described as one of the top places to travel to in the world, our itinerary takes in the quiet country roads with overnights in charming locales.

Holland Biking 7 Days

In a country where everyone rides a bicycle, it is no wonder the cycling paths and signage are the envy of cyclists over the world. Our 7 day trip starts in the charming village of Haarlem.

Gulf Islands Biking 5 Days

Get away from it all! Experience the charm of Victoria, then sail away to the beauty and tranquility of Salt Spring Island. Pedal along quiet roads, past orchards and farms, to pristine coves.

Gulf Islands Multi-Sport 5 Days

Journey to a place where lush forests meet the deep blue sea. Sail away to the beauty of the Gulf Islands. Fill your days with experiences you’ll treasure forever!

Umbria Biking 5 Days

If Tuscany is the heart of Italy, Umbria is its soul. Being rural, it allows for an authentic experience when visiting with plenty to see and do including monuments in historic villages and vistas of bucolic countryside.

Umbria Biking 7 Days

On Day 4, your ride takes you through un-spoilt countryside with vistas that look out over much of southern Umbria. You’ll reach the Piazza del Popolo, described as the most perfect medieval piazza in Italy.

Switzerland Multi-Sport 6 Days

Breathtaking views, magnificent mountains, un-spoilt nature, glistening lakes and genuine hospitality – enjoy the best of Switzerland.

Slovenia & Italy Biking 6 Days

Slovenia and Italy are the perfect pairing of countries to combine into one exhilarating bike tour. What’s to like? The countries are small with dramatic scenery, quiet roads to bike and some wonderful hotels.

Slovenia & Italy Biking 7 Days

In Friuli, Italy, you will ride through vineyards and orchards, and in Unesco World Heritage town of Cividale, you will, as we did, find heaven on earth. Did we mention the food is some of the best in Europe?

Slovenia & Italy Biking 8 Days

We’ve got a treasure trove of ‘off-the-beaten path’ restaurants, wine tasting opportunities and other discoveries to share. This will surely become one of our most popular trips – go soon, before the secret is out.