Congratulations to our Photo Contest


The winner of each category received a $500 trip credit towards any trip that Randonnée Tours offers.
Thank you to everyone who participated. We hope these photographs will inspire you to travel with us in the future.

2022 WINNER CANADIAN ROCKIES BIKING FACES CATEGORY Jaci & Derek S. - Farmington, UT 2022 WINNER TUSCANY HIKING PLACES CATEGORY "This photograph was taken in the morning
of the first day of our Tuscany hike as we
walked the Randonnee path through the Val d'Orcia
from Montepulciano to Monticchiello
(and then after a stop for lunch to Pienza)"
Geoff & Janet, P. - Vancouver, BC
2022 WINNER IRELANDBIKING MOMENTS CATEGORY "This was taken on a short ride around Inishmore,
the Aran Islands. We thought it would be fun to get
to know the locals a little better.
This guy was in a field and strolled over
for some love when my husband stopped at the fence."
Kathleen & Trent T. - Vancouver, BC
2021 WINNER NOVA SCOTIA BIKING PLACES CATEGORY "After a beautiful ride from Lunenburg,
we were treated to perfect reflections
in the calm water at the village of Blue Rock."
Pam & Dale, J. - Canmore, AB
We learned so much about Spain and Catalonia
- we did all the side trips and especially
loved Ullastret archeological site."
Leslie R. - Portland, OR
2019 WINNER CANADIAN ROCKIES FACES CATEGORY "On day 2 of our trip, we cycled our way through
the winding mountain roads on a bright sunny
day before arriving at Bow lake, our first experience
of the beautiful, turquoise-blue,
crystal-clear lakes in Banff!"
Suzanne & Cliff L. - Boston, MA
2019 WINNER DORDOGNE BIKING PLACES CATEGORY "The Randonnee bikes resting at a charming hotel
where the riders are now enjoying some liquid
sustenance served by helpful and friendly staff
in the cool garden beside the babbling brook."
Hotel Le Moulin de la Beune in Les Eyzies
Diane B. - North Vancouver, BC
2019 WINNER PUGLIA BIKING MOMENTS CATEGORY "On our way to Ostuni on the 9 day tour of Puglia,
we chose the longer option and detoured to Ceglie
Messapica for lunch. After lunch, most of the shops
and restaurants were closed so we were able
to ride through the beautiful, narrow streets."
Dale & Pam J. - Canmore, AB
2018 WINNER LOIRE VALLEY BIKING FACES CATEGORY "The photo was taken on Sep 15, 2018 – the 2nd day
of our self-guided 7-day tour of the Chateaux of the Loire.
The location was about 1km east of
Montlouis-sur-Loire, a cluster of rustic houses
on a country lane, shaded by trees.
We loved the dappled sunlight, the roses in the gardens,
the stone walls and the tranquility of it all.
Although we loved seeing the legendary chateaux of the Loire,
the chance to discover “off-the-beaten-track” spots was
one of the reasons we enjoyed the trip so much.
It was delightful to bike along quiet country roads,
far from traffic, enjoying the landscape and
the small villages that most tourists never get to see.
We’re already planning our next Randonnee trip –
and the hardest part has been deciding on the destination."
Hans S. & Lynne D. - North Vancouver, BC
2018 WINNER SWITZERLAND PLACES CATEGORY "The picture was taken while hiking First in Grindelwald.
After taking a cable car to the top, we hiked over to the
lake shown in the photo. While continuing our ascent,
we stumbled upon dozens of cows freely roaming
(some directly on the hiking path) and this photo
was snapped while looking back over the lake, taking in
the “awe” of the staggering mountains in the backdrop,
the sun shining down, and feeling (literally) on cloud nine.
The only things this picture does not capture is
the “ding, ding, ding” of the cowbells chiming through
the mountainsides adding to the natural serenity.
Since I have a special affinity for cows, my heart jumped
for joy as soon as I heard the bells chiming on our hikes"
Suzanne L. - Boston, MA
2018 WINNER PRAGUE TO VIENNA MOMENTS CATEGORY "This picture was taken on Day 3 of our Prague
to Vienna tour, just south of Cesky Krumlov. It was a very
peaceful circuit ride of the countryside, with rolling hills
and a few climbs on well-maintained roads with little traffic.
I really like how Randonnee incorporates circuit rides in their
itineraries - they allow a slower pace to the day
with a chance to explore the region before going back
to familiar lodgings."
Aran C. - Seattle, WA
2017 WINNER DORDOGNE BIKING FACES CATEGORY "“This photo was taken on the ride from Rocamadour
to Carsac in the Dordogne. We were looking for a place
to stop for a picnic lunch - while riding through the town
of Sainte-Mondane we found this nice spot with a picnic table,
a beautiful old stone wall and the charming village behind it.
While sitting at the table, I noticed our friend Lee sitting
against the stone wall with an interesting expression.
Seeing Lee’s expression, the bikes, the stone wall and
the village beyond it, it just seemed like a great moment
to capture with a photo."
Cary F. - Sherman Oaks, CA
2017 WINNER CANADIAN ROCKIES PLACES CATEGORY "The photograph was taken on top of the waterfalls
on the way to Packer's Pass from Skoki Lodge.
This was the first day that we were able to see
the amazing scenery as there was a lot of smoke
in the air several days before because of fires.
The image will be imprinted in our memories forever."
Christophe & Tami D. - Mill Valley, CA
2017 WINNER MAUI, HAWAII BIKING MOMENTS CATEGORY "On our 5th day of riding, we stopped to take a
moment to enjoy the incredible views of Maui.
From Thompson Ranch Road where we stopped,
we could see all the routes of our previous 4 days
of riding. It was quite amazing to see
what we had accomplished!"
Andrea W. - Calgary, AB
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Honorable Mentions

2022 IRELAND BIKING FACES CATEGORY "This picture was taken on the last cycling day of our trip.
We started in Roundstone and picked up the Sky Road Loop
near Clifden. We ended up on top of the world!
What a way to end our amazing adventure!"
Kathleen & Trent, T. - Vancouver, BC
2022 SLOVENIA & ITALY BIKING PLACES CATEGORY Dawn B. - Peterborough, ON 2022 DORDOGNE HIKING MOMENTS CATEGORY "Looking out toward the Dordogne River valley
from La Roque Gageac."
Virginia W. - Milford Bay, ON
2021 MAUI BIKING FACES CATEGORY "We were riding on a steep road on our way to Lahaina
and had just come to the top of a big hill when
we saw a scenic rest area.
In addition to enjoying the beautiful view,
we took a much needed rest! We chatted with another
bike rider about the incredible ride and he took
this photo of us!"
Lisa & Pat M. - Santa Monica, CA
2021 CATALONIA BIKING PLACES CATEGORY "The route instructions and GPS exceeded our expectations,
we always enjoy the printed directions and the tidbits.
Bikes were fantastic, easy to fit and very comfortable to ride."
Leslie, R. - Portland, OR
2021 BANFF TO JASPER BIKING MOMENTS CATEGORY "A triumphant climb to Lake Louise!"
Tracy L. - Toronto, ON
2019 PRAGUE TO VIENNA FACES CATEGORY "The picture is of my wife and trusty cycling mate, Lorraine,
taken on the ruined ramparts of Bergruine Dürnstein in the
Wachau region of Austria. For history buffs, the castle dates
to the 12th century, and is where Richard the Lionheart was
held hostage En route back to England from the Third
Crusade in 1192-93. We rode through the area last
September on the Prague to Vienna trip, which we HIGHLY
recommend. The Danube flows far below. The sunglasses
mask Lorraine’s terror - she hates heights."
Rick B. - Vancouver, BC
2019 CATALONIA BIKING FACES CATEGORY "This photo was taken in Catalonia, Spain on Sep 24, 2019.
It was the second day of a 7 day trip - a spectacular route
taking us from Figueres to Llafranc, by the sea. We
chanced upon a small village called Peralda along the way.
It was worth taking the time to explore, and we found the
Plaza del Carme for great cappuccino."
Doreen G.B. - Thunder Bay, ON
2019 PUGLIA BIKING PLACES CATEGORY "The evening view from the rooftop of
Hotel La Terra in Ostuni."
Dale & Pam J. - Canmore, AB
2019 NIAGARA BIKING PLACES CATEGORY "This his is a photo at the Horsetail Falls also known
as the Canadian Falls. This fall straddles the international
border between the United States and Canada."
Philip W. - Dallas, TX
2019 TUSCANY BIKING MOMENTS CATEGORY "Heading up the hill to Pienza on our final day
of riding in Tuscany. It was worth the climb!!"
Leslie R. - Portland, OR
2019 PUGLIA BIKING MOMENTS CATEGORY "On the way to Alberobello, I couldn't resist
stopping for a selfie with a trulli."
Pam J. - Canmore, AB
2018 PROVENCE BIKING FACES CATEGORY "Inside Le Cercle Republicain, Gordes, France, 17 March 2018.
A social club with little food but daily drink for a crowd
when elsewhere there were no crowds in the off-season.
Our trespass did not interrupt le discours politique in session."
Barry S. - Los Angeles, CA
2018 PARMA TO VERONA FACES CATEGORY 2018 PRAGUE TO VIENNA PLACES CATEGORY "This picture was taken at the end of Day 4 of our Czech
Republic to Austria tour, in Maria Taferl, Austria.
The day was spent on a transit ride along the Danube,
with good riding legs, up until the long steep climb up
the hill to Hotel Schachner. This was a shot from the exterior
courtyard dining area just at sunset, during a champagne toast
with friends to our day’s ride—a very excellent moment.
I really love how Randonnee finds lodging at remarkable
locations and balances the itinerary with challenging climbs
and pleasant distance rides during transit."
Aran C. - Seattle, WA
2018 LOIRE VALLEY BIKING PLACES CATEGORY "We loved the fact that we mostly avoided the main highways
and were mostly traveling through or alongside
vineyards, sunflower fields, forests and rivers.
We look forward to discovering additional
places with you in the future!"
Misha W. - San Francisco, CA
2018 CANADIAN ROCKIES HIKING MOMENTS CATEGORY "This is our Red Chair moment at Yoho Lake
in the Canadian Rockies. We were tired after a 300m
climb from Whisky Jack Hostel so we were delighted
to find these two red chairs."
Jim B. - Cedar Rapids, IA
it felt so refreshing after climbing the notorious “wall”
on the breathtakingly spectacular day 4 of riding.
What an adventure to cycle on Maui.
We had such a wonderful experience."
Andrea W. - Calgary, AB
2017 HOLLAND BIKING FACES CATEGORY "This was the special trip we had with our son before he
graduates from college next May. Bob took this shot of us heading
to Gouda. The fun and friendly Dutch people we met,
the fairy tale villages, the great food and happy hours, biking
forests and along the North Sea - it was all magical memories."
Sylvia D. - Austin, TX
2017 PUGLIA BIKING PLACES CATEGORY "Puglia didn't have many brightly coloured buildings
and so this wall of graffiti caught my attention,
and Susan blended in perfectly with her bright cycling jersey."
Donna B. - Bracebridge, ON
of woods full of wild pink and white
Cyclamens in September in the Loire Valley."
Laraine D. - Vancouver, BC
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