About Randonnée Tours

Since 1990, Randonnée Tours has been the leading tour operator of self-guided active vacations in Canada, the United States and Europe. As one of the very few companies that operates our own trips everywhere we offer trips, we have a distinct advantage over other re-sellers.

Robbin McKinney, owner of Randonnée Tours, guided trips for Butterfield & Robinson for 18 years (in North America, Europe and around the world) before starting Great Explorations in 1997, a boutique active travel company offering guided trips to over 22 countries. He acquired Randonnée Tours in 2005 (already a well-established brand), improving all aspects of the business. Since this time, Randonnée has enjoyed consistent growth and we continue to add trips each year to meet with the growing demand for this style of travel. Robbin is happy to talk to guests and answer questions from his vast knowledge of travel. He continues to take several tours each year ensuring the quality of each and every Randonnée trip.

Why Randonnée?

We strongly believe that you should be able to explore the world at your own pace. All our self-guided tours are designed to offer active & independent travelers an authentic experience with exceptional value and unmatched flexibility.

Our tours are meticulously designed and superbly operated, by us. We hand-pick your hotels, inns and B&Bs. We provide route instructions that are detailed, accurate and full of tips and insights.

The Randonnée Benefits

Seek a balance between the freedom of traveling on your own and the support of a guided tour. Travel at your own pace; let us take care of the details. Randonnée offers choice and flexibility. Choose the number of days of trip length, and the number of miles. No other company delivers as much self-guided variety and quality…

When you want, with who you want

Start your tour the exact date you want. No set departure dates, no compromise! We organize the tour just for you so its confirmation does not rely on other bookings. When you book with us, you are certain that your trip will be confirmed. Thanks to our dedicated travel advisors, last year we confirmed 100% of our trips and more than 99% of them at the exact date chosen by our guests. You can also decide to “block” your departure date just for you so no other travelers will be able to start on the same day than you.

Peace of mind

Planning your vacations should be stress-free and offer you more flexibility. We also know that life can be full of surprises, that is why we offer a flexible cancellation policy that allows you to cancel up to 30 days prior to the trip starting date. We will not ask you any justifications or require any “headache paperwork”. Also, when you submit your online registration form no deposit or payment is required up until the confirmation of your tour.

Proven expertise

Our 25 years of experience in self-guided vacations coupled with a “no middle man” philosophy guarantee you that the only surprises will be good ones.

Comprehensive pre-tour material

Save time on your trip preparation, we have done the work and researches for you. The documentation provided with your tour confirmation offers extensive information and tips. When in Rome, do as Romans…. Our pre-tour material includes information on the local customs, regional highlights, food, reading suggestions, how to reach the tour area and depart from it, how to prepare, what to pack…

Hand-picked accommodations

We know the right place when we see it!  Our customers deserve the best, and no matter where you travel, our luxurious accommodations ~ the inns, chateaux, bed and breakfasts, hotels and lodges ~ are hand-picked and often family-run. You have the choice between Luxe, Classic and Casual/B&B. All the accommodations are included and prepaid. We invite you to take a look at some of our welcoming accommodations when you browse By Destination.


For your convenience all breakfasts are included as well as one to three dinners (depending on the length of your trip). Such configuration offers you more room for personal preferences, discoveries and immersive experiences. We provide restaurant or food packing suggestions for each day of the tour.

Personal meet & greet

Our local and knowledgeable area managers welcome you at the beginning of your tour. They provide you with the bicycles and do the fitting. They also answer any questions you might have and make sure that you are all set for a great journey.

Extensive support

Our self-guided tours provide behind-the-scenes support to your journey. If you have a question or need bike mechanic assistance, our area managers are available on call throughout the tour. In case of emergency help is just a phone call away, 24/7.

Luggage transfers

Inn-to-inn luggage transfers are always provided. Carry less, enjoy more! We believe that cycling and hiking “light” is the best way to take full advantage of your daily adventure.

Detailed orientation material

We supply you with hard copies of detailed and highlighted maps plus the route descriptions of scenic country roads and trails. Our trip material include interesting side-trips, historical notes, and restaurant suggestions.  For the GPS enthusiasts and tech-savvies, GPS data’s (GPX format) of the routes you will take during your trip are available on request.

Activities for everyone

Self-guided travel is all about options. Our walking and cycling tours are designed for active adults and families looking for a great flexibility. We provide multiple daily route suggestions to ensure you have options for different abilities and ambitions. Tour difficulties range from easy to challenging. Ask us about the difficulty of each tour. Very fit cyclists and hikers can always add hills and distance! On layover days you can also decide to relax by the swimming pool all day, explore the surroundings, and do some shopping… Choose your own pace, and where and when to rest and eat.

Included bicycles

No need to box your bike, no extra rental fee, it is already included! If you love your bike so much that you want to bring it for the tour. No problem, we will even give you a discount! The vast majority of our bicycle fleet is composed of high quality Cannondale and custom made Randonnée Tours bicycles. You can choose between performance hybrid (flat handlebar) and road (dropped handlebar) style bikes. On our Camino de Santiago trips we also offer mountain bikes.

All hybrid bikes come with handlebar bag featuring a map case, seat bag, hand pump, tire levers, spare inner tube, multi-tool, repair kit, water bottle holders and cable lock. Most hybrid bikes also have rear racks. To keep weight at the minimum road bikes come with a map case instead of the handlebar bag. Our fleet is among the newest of any bike tour companies. We tune each bike prior to your arrival so that it is ready to ride for you.

Saving & incentives

We offer our valued guests several ways to save on their next vacationswith Randonnée and win trip credits. If you gather a group of eight people or more, every group member will receive 10% off. Our unlimited referral program allows you to receive a $150 trip credit per referred booking. Our annual photo contest gives you a chance to win $1500 of trip credit! If you travel with kids, you might be eligible for our family pricing. And when you bring your own bicycle, we even deduct the cost of the “bike rental” from your bill!

Randonnee Tours 101

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