Umbria Biking 5 Days

If Tuscany is the heart of Italy, Umbria is its soul. Being rural, it allows for an authentic experience when visiting with plenty to see and do including monuments in historic villages and vistas of bucolic countryside.

Umbria Biking 7 Days

On Day 4, your ride takes you through un-spoilt countryside with vistas that look out over much of southern Umbria. You’ll reach the Piazza del Popolo, described as the most perfect medieval piazza in Italy.

Umbria Hiking 8 Days

It's been described as a magical landscape of hills, dotted with olive trees, draped by grape vines, its summits studded with medieval towns with superb art and architectural treasures...

Umbria Biking 9 Days

On Day 8, your ride includes lots of descending until you reach Lake Bolsena in time to relax and enjoy the vista. The hotel offers optional cooking courses and boat excursions to Isola Bisentina...