As a self-analysis before you start, ask yourself if you can cycle 45 km (30 miles) in a morning or afternoon, or go for a brisk walk for two hours. If you’re choosing a biking trip, the best training is to get out and ride; if you are choosing a hiking trip you should be walking or hiking prior to your trip. Slowly, build up distances and intensity so you can do rides or hikes similar to the ones you will do during your tour. No matter where you start, the important is to start and enjoy it. Try to train on two areas, cardiovascular fitness so you fill comfortable with the overall distances and consecutive days of activity, and intensity so you can manage the difficulties during the day, climbs for example. We’ll send you specific training tips once your trip is confirmed.

Randonnée offers trips for all levels of fitness. Some are more challenging than others and will require a higher level of fitness. Overall a basic level is needed. The fitter that you are, the more you will enjoy the tour. It is essential that you choose a trip and cycling/hiking options that match with your abilities. We suggest that you refer to the activity level information available on each trip description or talk to one of our Travel Advisors about your level and the difficulty you are looking for. They’ll help you pick the right trip for you. Call 1.800.242.1825 to chat with one of our Travel Advisors to ensure the trip you are considering is appropriate.

Throughout most of Europe, the terrain is hilly. In general, you can expect some hills on each cycling day. Hills include a decline as well as an incline! Riding hills introduces variety into the day’s ride which can be less fatiguing than constantly riding on a level surface. The key exception is the Loire Valley tour, which is relatively flat. Similar circumstances apply for the walking tours. Read each tour’s description for specifics.

To reduce difficulty during the tour, we encourage you to avoid cycling or hiking during the warmest hours of the day, stay at all-time properly hydrated and fed, and if you cycle walk up the hills.

Detailed information about starting and ending locations, airport and transportation options will be included in your trip confirmation package. We provide specific information on the recommended way to get to the start of the trip and how to depart.  Each tour begins and ends in or near a town accessible by train bus or taxi. If you plan on driving to the trip start, please contact one of Randonnée Tours’ Travel Advisors for more information on parking options.

You can contact Randonnée Tours for some suggestions and advice or contact your travel agent. Randonnée Tours does not book plane and train tickets or car rentals. If you would like someone to make those arrangements for you, Randonnée Tours can recommend travel agents that have offered excellent advice to Randonnée clients in the past.

Randonnée Tours does not recommend purchasing nonrefundable airline tickets before the confirmation of your tour.