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Canadian Rockies Hiking 6 Days

You’ll retreat to the peace and tranquility of hidden walking trails to discover stunning mountain passes rising from the shores of iridescent blue lakes.

Burgundy Hiking 6 Days

Take this rich and rewarding walk to experience authentic France. Set off on a journey of exploration of the land, its people and history. Walk deep into the heart of France…

Camino de Santiago Hiking 7 Days

It ranks as one of the most rewarding walks in the world. It’s a pilgrimage to many, but whatever your reason, you are likely to be transformed by this experience.

Catalonia Hiking 7 Days

Bienvenido a España! From Callela de Palafrugell to Cadaqués, we have created an itinerary that shows you the very best of this region, and hiking is a splendid way to take it all in.

Provence Hiking 8 Days

Discover the perfection of hiking in Provence. This tour provides a microcosm of all the famous characteristics of Provence: Roman ruins, perched or hanging villages painted pastel hues…

Dordogne Hiking 9 Days

The land of the castles of Richard the Lionheart features the most famous and spectacular section of the river. The walking is perfect, and a plenitude of sights and attractions rounds out your vacation.

Provence Multi-Sport 9 Days

Cycling and hiking in Provence is a sensual experience. As you move slowly through the landscape, smell the wild thyme and rosemary. Taste fresh chèvre mingled with tapenade piquante.

Dordogne Multi-Sport 10 Days

The Dordogne is often called the most beautiful river in France. The walking, pedalling and canoeing are all perfect, and a plenitude of sights and attractions rounds out your vacation!

Camino de Santiago Hiking 10 Days

Walking without heavy pack and with pre-arranged hotels, this itinerary will allow you to enjoy the walk without the stress of logistics.

Burgundy Hiking 8 Days

Begin in Vézelay, spectacular, perched, and unforgettable, with its immense basilica of stunning interior lightness and stone carvings of such liveliness that they speak to us today.

Canadian Rockies Hiking 7 Days

Hike lodge-to-lodge. Begin your exploration in Banff National Park, where towering mountains rise from the shores of turquoise-blue lakes.

Catalonia Hiking 8 Days

Arrive to Girona. This is the city Spaniards voted as the most livable city in the country. It’s no surprise as it is full of charming cafes and restaurants and is an easy and pleasant city to discover on foot.