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Switzerland Multi-Sport 7 Days

Experience the fresh alpine air on hikes with views of alpine glaciers, verdant lush meadows and pristine alpine lakes. Overnight in historic and charming lodges.

Slovenia Hiking 10 Days

Arrive in Bled to admire its turquoise lakes and charming villages before embarking on a 10-day hike past winding rivers, picturesque castles, and impressive mountain peaks.

Slovenia Hiking 7 Days

Arrive in Begunje, a village below the Karavanke mountains, before embarking on a 7-day hike past winding rivers, picturesque castles, and impressive mountain peaks. The scenery is stunning.

Chemin de St. Jacques Hiking 13 Days

Cross the rugged countryside of the Auvergne and the Massif Central, through picturesque towns and past the roadside crosses, chapels, and looming fortresses.

Dordogne Hiking 7 Days

Our tour to this land of the castles of Richard the Lionheart features the most famous and spectacular section of the river, studded with castles and cave art. The hiking est parfait!

French Riviera Short Escape Hiking 4 Days

Select the ultimate destination to sample the best of Côte d’Azur. Wander through the maze of narrow streets, explore the 16th-century citadel, visit the Saturday market…

Ireland Hiking 10 Days

Start in Ennis, a pleasant village in County Clare with an 13th century Friary at its center. The hotels and food in Ireland are a highlight with genuine hospitality. This is one of our favorite tours!

Tuscany Hiking 8 Days

Perfectly proportioned villas framed by elegant cypresses cap lines of hills. Towns and villages display layers of heritage in stately palazzi, decorated window frames, even doorknockers and wine bottle labels.

Cinque Terre Hiking 9 Days

Embrace the tranquility of Mediterranean oak forests teaming with butterflies, birds and wild flowers. Delight your palate each night with traditional pastas and fresh seafood while sipping a crisp Ligurian white.

Gulf Islands Hiking 7 Days

Follow peaceful trails and old logging roads to unspoiled coves, where seals and orcas gambol and seabirds wheel overhead. Slow down and relax as you experience the natural wonders…

Gulf Islands Hiking & Yoga 7 Days

Truly unwind and learn asanas (yoga postures), pranayama (breathing techniques) as well as blissful relaxation and meditation practice.

Gulf Islands Multi-Sport 7 Days

Get away from it all! Journey to a place where lush forests meet the deep blue sea, sail away to the beauty and tranquility of the Gulf Islands.