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Amsterdam to Bruges Biking 7 Days

Although the Dutch didn’t invent the bicycle, almost everyone in the country rides one; the cycling infrastructure in both villages and throughout the countryside is superb.

Provence Multi-Sport 9 Days

Cycling and hiking in Provence is a sensual experience. As you move slowly through the landscape, smell the wild thyme and rosemary. Taste fresh chèvre mingled with tapenade piquante.

Catalonia Biking 8 Days

The pine-scented coastal region of Catalonia has long attracted artists, writers, and those in search of beauty, tranquility, and inspiration. From Figueres to Girona, you will see the very best of this region.

Amsterdam to Bruges Biking 8 Days

Cycling from the cosmopolitan city of Amsterdam to the charming village of Bruges, Belgium, you will experience the best of these two countries.

Prague to Vienna Biking 9 Days

From the Czech Republic, our itinerary includes idyllic countryside of southern Bohemia. In Austria, choose between gentle bike paths or venture into moderate hills…

Dordogne Multi-Sport 10 Days

The Dordogne is often called the most beautiful river in France. The walking, pedalling and canoeing are all perfect, and a plenitude of sights and attractions rounds out your vacation!

Napa Valley Biking 6 Days

By bike, discover shady back lanes, towering redwood groves, a surprising Russian history and delightful pedaling – past vineyards and wine chateaux of every conceivable design.

Burgundy Biking 9 Days

Like a fine aged wine, savour Burgundy slowly, with time for its subtleties to penetrate. Great art, gastronomic food, and a history fermented with religion and royalty are your first tastes.

Dordogne Biking 11 Days

We started coming to this region in the 1980’s, attracted by quiet country roads and wonderful scenery, with castles seemingly around every corner; the Dordogne now has superb hotels and restaurants.

Amsterdam to Bruges Biking 9 Days

From the Unesco World Heritage site of the Kinderdijk to the chocolate makers in Bruges, this is a unique journey in Europe. Come and explore by yourself…

Loire Valley Amboise & Azay-le-Rideau Biking 8 Days

Base yourself in two spectacular locations in the “valley of the kings”. Ride through world-famous vineyards to troglodyte houses and breathtaking châteaux.

Provence Biking 10 Days

Explore villages with twisting streets, houses painted in a rainbow of colors… On one of the days, search out the famous vineyards at Châteauneuf-du-Pape or conquer the famous Mont Ventoux.