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Parma to Verona Biking 6 Days

The Veneto region of Italy is one of Europe’s treasures troves, boasting lovely biking between charming cities including Parma, Mantua and Verona.

Parma to Verona Biking 7 Days

Arriving by bike after a day pedaling along river-side paths and fertile farmland is simply divine. We provide you with restaurant recommendations.

Nova Scotia Biking 6 Days

Discover the unexpected in Canada’s Atlantic playground. Nova Scotia combines European hospitality of historic inns or cozy B&Bs and superb food with Canadian natural wonders.

Nova Scotia Biking 7 Days

Pedal past peaceful coves, winking lighthouses, rugged headlands and authentic fishing villages. Discover unique history and heritage and relax each night in historic inns or cozy B&Bs.

Nova Scotia Biking 9 Days

Relax on perfect white sand beaches and find an excellent souvenir among the craft and antique shops. But we’re betting that a favourite memory will be the warmth and friendliness of the Maritimers you’ll meet.

Nova Scotia Biking 10 Days

On your first cycling day, ride the Rumrunners Trail, which departs from Halifax itself. Initially paved, it follows an old railgrade, so makes for a gentle grade wtihout any motorized traffic!

Nova Scotia Biking 11 Days

Discover the unexpected in Canada’s Atlantic playground! Welcome to Nova Scotia. We’re betting that a favourite memory will be the warmth and friendliness of the Maritimers you’ll meet.

Prince Edward County Biking 7 Days

With over 40 vineyards and a dozen breweries (with tasting rooms), this bucolic land of orchards, vineyards & stunning beaches, is a mecca for biking (and eating).

Mallorca Biking 7 Days

Mallorca is one of the most popular places to bike in Europe, attracting both pros and touring cyclists, who come for the climate, beaches and endless riding options. The hotels are fabulous and the food is exquisite.

Lot Valley Biking 6 Days

Our tour to the Lot Valley takes you to “La France Profonde” (Deep France) – a hidden land of stunning beauty and a surprise at every turn. Discover this quiet landscape away from the tourist crowds…

Loire Valley Amboise Escape Biking 4 Days

Base yourself in a spectacular spot in the “valley of the kings”. Enjoy the bustle of Amboise, a delightful town that was once home to the royal court.

Loire Valley Azay-le-Rideau Escape Biking 4 Days

Base in atmospheric Azay-le-Rideau, a pleasant village made famous by the picturesque castle that is a favourite in the Loire Valley.