Slovenia & Italy

Slovenia & Italy Biking 6 Days

Slovenia and Italy are the perfect pairing of countries to combine into one exhilarating bike tour. What’s to like? The countries are small with dramatic scenery, quiet roads to bike and some wonderful hotels.

Slovenia & Italy Biking 7 Days

In Friuli, Italy, you will ride through vineyards and orchards, and in Unesco World Heritage town of Cividale, you will, as we did, find heaven on earth. Did we mention the food is some of the best in Europe?

Slovenia & Italy Biking 8 Days

We’ve got a treasure trove of ‘off-the-beaten path’ restaurants, wine tasting opportunities and other discoveries to share. This will surely become one of our most popular trips - go soon, before the secret is out.

Slovenia & Italy Biking 9 Days

Starting with Ljubljana, the 9 day tour allows for a full day to see its Old World Plazas, baroque churches and dramatic castles. Then visit Bled, with its wondrous turquoise lake and divine cycling.