You love variety in your active vacation- biking, hiking, perhaps some paddling or white water rafting…

Gulf Islands Multi-Sport 5 Days

Journey to a place where lush forests meet the deep blue sea. Sail away to the beauty of the Gulf Islands. Fill your days with experiences you'll treasure forever!

Switzerland Multi-Sport 6 Days

Breathtaking views, magnificent mountains, un-spoilt nature, glistening lakes and genuine hospitality – enjoy the best of Switzerland.

Costa Rica Multi-Sport 8 Days

Attracted by stunning scenery? Cycle through lush vegetation, past volcanoes, rainforests and waterfalls. With opportunities to raft, kayak, zip-line and hike through jungle, the temptations are many!

Switzerland Multi-Sport 7 Days

Experience the fresh alpine air on hikes with views of alpine glaciers, verdant lush meadows and pristine alpine lakes. Overnight in historic and charming lodges.

Costa Rica Multi-Sport 10 Days

With the development of eco-friendly boutique hotels and the recent paving of formerly dirt roads, Costa Rica is now more appealing than ever!

Gulf Islands Multi-Sport 7 Days

Get away from it all! Journey to a place where lush forests meet the deep blue sea, sail away to the beauty and tranquility of the Gulf Islands.

Canadian Rockies Multi-Sport 5 Days

Embark on a high-altitude adventure. Explore the scenic roads, forested walking paths and spirited waterways of the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks.

Provence Multi-Sport 9 Days

Cycling and hiking in Provence is a sensual experience. As you move slowly through the landscape, smell the wild thyme and rosemary. Taste fresh chèvre mingled with tapenade piquante.

Dordogne Multi-Sport 10 Days

The Dordogne is often called the most beautiful river in France. The walking, pedalling and canoeing are all perfect, and a plenitude of sights and attractions rounds out your vacation!

Canadian Rockies Multi-Sport 7 Days

Embark on a high-altitude adventure. Feel the energy of the living landscape as you paddle the glacier-fed waters clear enough to reflect the wooded slopes around you.