Piedmont Biking 8 Days

The quiet roads of this region with moderate rolling hills provide the ideal terrain for all levels of cyclists. Small villages, Roman remains, medieval castles and superb cuisine await...

Parma to Verona Biking 8 Days

Start your trip from Parma, the riverside city synonymous with fine food... This compact city has a wealth of artistic, theatrical, musical and historical interests.

Italian Lakes Hiking 6 Days

“Is there a land of such supreme and perfect beauty anywhere?” 19th century poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wondered after a visit to Lake Como. The Italian Lakes are unique for their beauty and pedigree.

Italian Lakes Hiking 7 Days

Walk along the many footpaths and trails that meander past picture-perfect villages enjoying superb hotels in lake-side locales, dining in fine restaurants and you will understand the allure...  

Italian Lakes Hiking 8 Days

"Honestly, it was far more than I could have imagined. The entire trip was magical. The hikes were spectacular and sufficiently challenging, with great views or cafes for rewards. The hotels were wonderful."

Italy Amalfi Hiking 7 Days

Beginning from Capri, explore this enchanting region of Italy, hiking trails that take you off the beaten path; from the Isle of Capri to the quaint and charming villages along this dramatic stretch of coastline...

Sicily Biking 9 Days

Be prepared for some climbing and the reward of sweeping descents, along coastlines and through villages that throw out the welcome to visitors, especially those on bikes.

Tuscany Biking 8 Days

Tuscany is deservedly world-renowned for having the many elements that make for an enriching travel experience. Is this among others the most beautiful regions on earth? We think so.

Northern Tuscany Biking 8 Days

Nothern Tuscany offers great riding and a chance to visit a less-known area of this popular region. You'll sample magnificent medieval towns and Renaissance basilicas.

Tuscany Hiking 8 Days

Perfectly proportioned villas framed by elegant cypresses cap lines of hills. Towns and villages display layers of heritage in stately palazzi, decorated window frames, even doorknockers and wine bottle labels.

Tuscany Biking 10 Days

Traveling by bicycle allows you to enjoy the subtler aspects of this region, off of the ‘touristed’ main routes into the heart that is Italy. Choose our Luxe version to make this trip even more enchanting!

Puglia Biking 9 Days

Puglia is the new ‘in’ place to cycle in Italy. Beginning in Monopoli and finishing 9 days later in Lecce you’ll see the best of this region, all the while enjoying distinctive lodging and exquisite meals. Buon appetito!