Dordogne Biking 11 Days

We started coming to this region in the 1980’s, attracted by quiet country roads and wonderful scenery, with castles seemingly around every corner; the Dordogne now has superb hotels and restaurants.

Loire Valley Amboise & Azay-le-Rideau Biking 8 Days

Base yourself in two spectacular locations in the “valley of the kings”. Ride through world-famous vineyards to troglodyte houses and breathtaking châteaux.

Provence Biking 10 Days

Explore villages with twisting streets, houses painted in a rainbow of colors... On one of the days, search out the famous vineyards at Châteauneuf-du-Pape or conquer the famous Mont Ventoux.

Haute Provence Biking 11 Days

This is a special tour in an unusual region, and together they constitute a unique opportunity. Bienvenue en Haute Provence, explore and have fun riding bike where it is best!

Dordogne Hiking 11 Days

The Dordogne is often called the most beautiful river in France. This self-guided tour in the southwest serves as a delightful introduction to France, but also suits experienced adventurers.

Loire Valley Chateaux Biking 9 Days

Only 1 hour south of Paris lies a region that since the Renaissance has been a favorite of kings and the aristocracy; the Loire River valley is dotted with fine chateaux...

Burgundy Biking 11 Days

Sip again and find white cows dotting green pastures embraced by hedgerows, and villages where you are greeted with a wave and friendly “Bonne Route!”. Self-guided biking is THE way to discover Burgundy.

French Riviera Hiking 7 Days

The French Riviera offers wonderful walking, fascinating art, architecture and history. History reaches back even further, with Roman monuments, bridges, and ancient roads.