Canadian Rockies Biking 5 Days

Dare to be adventurous! Come and cycle along the most spectacular road in Canada, as you journey north to the breathtaking Jasper National Park.

Niagara Biking 5 Days

This is the perfect introduction to this lovely corner of Canada. Explore historic landmarks and towns, pedal past traditional red brick farmhouses sheltered by stately maple trees...

Prince Edward County Biking 6 Days

Described as one of the top places to travel to in the world, our itinerary takes in the quiet country roads with overnights in charming locales.

Gulf Islands Biking 5 Days

Get away from it all! Experience the charm of Victoria, then sail away to the beauty and tranquility of Salt Spring Island. Pedal along quiet roads, past orchards and farms, to pristine coves.

Gulf Islands Hiking & Yoga 5 Days

Slow down, relax and awaken your body and spirit with daily private yoga classes given by our experienced and certified yoga teachers.

Gulf Islands Multi-Sport 5 Days

Journey to a place where lush forests meet the deep blue sea. Sail away to the beauty of the Gulf Islands. Fill your days with experiences you'll treasure forever!

Nova Scotia Biking 6 Days

Discover the unexpected in Canada’s Atlantic playground. Nova Scotia combines European hospitality of historic inns or cozy B&Bs and superb food with Canadian natural wonders.

Nova Scotia Biking 7 Days

Pedal past peaceful coves, winking lighthouses, rugged headlands and authentic fishing villages. Discover unique history and heritage and relax each night in historic inns or cozy B&Bs.

Nova Scotia Biking 9 Days

Relax on perfect white sand beaches and find an excellent souvenir among the craft and antique shops. But we’re betting that a favourite memory will be the warmth and friendliness of the Maritimers you’ll meet.

Nova Scotia Biking 10 Days

On your first cycling day, ride the Rumrunners Trail, which departs from Halifax itself. Initially paved, it follows an old railgrade, so makes for a gentle grade wtihout any motorized traffic!

Nova Scotia Biking 11 Days

Discover the unexpected in Canada’s Atlantic playground! Welcome to Nova Scotia. We’re betting that a favourite memory will be the warmth and friendliness of the Maritimers you’ll meet.

Prince Edward County Biking 7 Days

With over 40 vineyards and a dozen breweries (with tasting rooms), this bucolic land of orchards, vineyards & stunning beaches, is a mecca for biking (and eating).