Camino de Santiago

Camino de Santiago Hiking 7 Days

It ranks as one of the most rewarding walks in the world. It’s a pilgrimage to many, but whatever your reason, you are likely to be transformed by this experience.

Camino de Santiago Biking 8 Days

From León to Santiago de Compostela. For anyone interested in history & culture, the Camino de Santiago certainly ranks as one of the most spectacular trips in the world.

Camino de Santiago Hiking 10 Days

Walking without heavy pack and with pre-arranged hotels, this itinerary will allow you to enjoy the walk without the stress of logistics.

Camino de Santiago Biking 14 Days

From Pamplona to Santiago de Compostela. Since the 10th Century, pilgrims have come (by foot and now bicycle) from near and far to experience this enigma of Spain.

Camino de Santiago Hiking 16 Days

On Day 15, receive your compostela and reward yourself with a fine dinner. Admire the Santiago cathedral and the many architectural gems of this city...