“This too will pass”

We offer these words to all of us who are anxious about travel and the world health in the current environment.

First and foremost, take care of yourself and your families and follow government guidelines including the CDCWorld Health Organization and local authorities where you live.

We are equal parts hopeful and optimistic that as vaccines roll out, a return to normality is in the not too distant future. When you feel ready to plan ahead, we are here for you, tweaking existing trip itineraries and dreaming up new destinations.

We have been operating trips under Randonnée Tours since 1989 and have weathered difficult times before and this is no exception.
Together, we will come through this and be back on bikes soon enough.

Robbin McKinney
Owner at Randonnée Tours

Covid 19 Protocol

For us at Randonnée Tours, your  health and safety is our top priority.  We are taking all necessary steps to ensure that when the time is right and  you are ready to book your next adventure, you can do so with confidence. 

Our Expectations of our Travelers

Arriving in Good Health

All travelers will be sent a health questionnaire to be completed, signed and returned before the trip departure date.

Some local health authorities and destination countries will require travelers to get tested in order to visit the region. We encourage all our travelers to investigate what is expected of them ahead of time. Should any of our travelers be confused in regards to what is expected of them, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your travel advisor.


We are encouraging all our travelers to bring their own masks, whether it’s a stylish reusable mask or a disposable medical one, travelers should be prepared and ready to wear a mask when required or deemed appropriate. 

All travelers must wear a mask should they be asked by their Randonnée Tours Area Manager  or any of our travel partners (i.e. hotels, restaurants, etc.). We would like to remind all our travelers that masks must cover both the nose and mouth in order to be effective. 

Healthy Practices

All travelers are reminded to wash their hands well & frequently and practice social distancing where possible and when appropriate. We encourage all our travelers to bring any necessary health & sanitation products (i.e. wipes, hand sanitizer, etc.) with them.

Our Promise to our Travelers

Before Your Trip

At 60 days prior to your trip we will begin sending out updates every other week on the local situation and any necessary health and safety protocols in place in the region that our travelers should be aware of. 


We pride ourselves on working with incredible off the beaten track boutique hotels. We will communicate any of our accommodation partners’ relevant health and safety measures to our travelers prior to the trip. The health and safety of our travelers is of the utmost importance to Randonnée Tours. Whilst we are not responsible for the  health and safety protocols of our partners, we will be taking their measures into account when deciding which accommodations we will work with. 


Bikes and equipment will be thoroughly disinfected by our Area Manager prior to your trip.

T & Cs

We have updated our Terms & Conditions in order to be as flexible as possible and help you book with confidence, all while ensuring we can continue to offer once in a lifetime adventures for many more years to come.