The Randonnée Tours Difference

We are a boutique travel company with a simple philosophy,” says Robbin McKinney, Randonnée Tours president and owner. “We love to be innovative -we want every trip to be one-of-a-kind and to create experiences that people couldn’t easily encounter on their own. Our optional unique events and activities allow travelers to explore at the pace and style that best suits them.”

Compare our trips with others and you’ll note the important differences:

For more than 25 years Randonnée Tours has been offering you an exceptional line of self-guided active vacations in Canada, the United States and Europe. Owner Robbin McKinney spent 18 years with Butterfield & Robinson, guiding luxury trips in North America, Europe and around the world. In 1997, Robbin founded Great Explorations (rated one of the top bicycle tour operators on the planet by National Geographic Traveler) and in 2005, became the owner of Randonnée Tours, expanding its trip offerings and growing it to become the acknowledged leader in self-guided cycling and walking tours worldwide.

Never Sub-contracted
We operate all our own trips. We design our routes, own our bikes, print your materials and we know all our staff on the ground. You’ll never deal with the “middle man” at Randonnée Tours which means everything will be as it appears – as Randonnée Tours.

Thoughtful Trip Design
We spend a great deal of time creating and updating our routes to ensure guests are on the quietest, most scenic roads and trails we can find. We don’t simply ‘link hotels’ and we don’t depend on outdated guide books and second-hand information. Each of our trips is thoroughly researched, planned and tested, by us, for you. The only surprises will be good ones.

With more than 150 self-guided tours to choose from, we offer you more choice than anybody else. Rather than fixed dates and fixed durations, YOU can choose exact dates to travel, with whom, for how many days and at what class of hotels. It’s bespoke without pretension (or high price).

Multiple Daily Routes
Self-guided travel is all about options. We provide multiple daily route suggestions to ensure you have options for different abilities and ambitions. And, aside from reliable and downloadable GPS directions, we also provide the best maps, elevation profiles and route suggestions in the business, period. Ask us for a sample and we’ll gladly provide.

Distinctive Hotels
As with everything else on a Randonnée tour, you can trust all our accommodation choices to provide you with the perfect compliment to your trip. From luxury châteaux and unique hotels to casual inns, we’ve tested and rested in them all.

Bicycles & Equipment
Randonnée Tours has invested a significant amount of time and money to ensure you have the best bicycle for your trip. Our relationship with Cannondale Bicycles and other manufacturers has allowed us to offer top of-the-line bikes (including Quick Speed performance hybrids, & Supersix 5 carbon bikes), which are included on all of our self-guided trips. We have the largest number of bike and equipment depots in Europe of any tour operator (saving us, and you, the expense of criss-crossing Europe delivering bikes).

You’ll receive a complimentary cycling jersey on your second Randonnée trip. Our regular roster of trips include such things as cooking courses, walking tours with a local expert, wine tasting with a sommelier, a special can’t-miss dinner or two (we could go on but we think you get the idea). We like to surprise you with things you wouldn’t otherwise experience.

Unique trip coverage
We offer to all our guests the possibility to get what no insurance companies are willing to do. Our exclusive coverage allows you to cancel your trip for ANY REASON up to 48 hours before the start of the tour. And get a 100% trip credit valid for 2 years. For your convenience, we will not ask you any justifications or require any “headache paperwork”, just a simple email.

Finally (and possibly the reason we have experienced remarkable growth over the years), we encourage you to compare our trip prices, hotels and what is included and you will see Randonnée offers unsurpassed value.