16 days/15 nights, with 13 days of hiking

Start any dates between February to November

Terrain: Hilly but most of the gradients are moder-ate

Mix of Luxe, Classic, and Casual Accommodation:   US$2850  

Single Supplement: US$750


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You can reach Pamplona through Madrid, Bilboa or Vitoria.


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Camino de Santiago

Camino de Santiago Hiking
16 Days

It ranks as one of the most rewarding walks in the world (James Michener rates it as one of the top 3 journeys). It’s a pilgrimage to many, but whatever your reason, you are likely to be transformed by the experience of walking this historic footpath. Starting from Pamplona will give you the greatest sense of journey. Walking without heavy pack (we arrange transfer of your luggage), and with pre-arranged hotels (no need to compete for refugio beds), this itinerary will allow you to enjoy the walk without the stress of logistics. Having completed the camino many times, we know the secrets of making this trip special.

Andalucia Cycling 7 DaysDAY 1
Arrive to Pamplona. Most people arrive via Madrid; there are flight, train and coach options into Pamplona. Our Area Manager will meet up with you in person, give you a walking tour of the historic district and ensure you are set for the trip.
Hotel Guendulain (luxe)

Pamplona to Puente la Reina (walk 19 km)
From Pamplona, you will start your journey westward, climbing the foothills of the Sierra del Perdon. Reaching the Alto de Santa Maria de Erreniega, you will see the Pamplona basin back behind you and the Valdizarbe Valley and Puente la Reina ahead. Arriving to this famed village, you will cross the Puente de los Peregrinos, of Romanesque construction and one of the most famous along the road to Santiago.
Hotel Bidean (Classic)

Puente la Reina to Estella (walk 19 km)
Walk along Roman roads and bridges through the villages of Maneru, Cirauqui, Lorca and Villatuerta on your way to Estella, and the now ruined Castle of Lizarra. The Palace of the Kings of Navarre, an example of Romanesque secular architecture exhibits wonderful capitals depicting Roland’s battle with the giant Ferragut.
Hospederia Chapitel (Classic)

DAY 4Andalucia Cycling 7 Days
Estella to Los Arcos (walk 20.4 km)
You will want to stop by the famous wine fountain (Fuente del Vino) at Boedga Irache and if you wish, take a short tour of the winery. Afterwards continue to Azqueta through cornfields and vineyards to Villamayor de Monjardin, passing the exotic Fountain of the Moors and the castle of Monjardin tower. Reach the medieval village Los Arcos made popular because of its strategic location between the kingdoms of Navarre and Castille.
Hotel Monaco (Casual)

Los Arcos to Logrono (walk 27.5 km)
This is a longer walk today, and along the way, you will pass many small villages including Torres del Rio with one of the architectural jewels of the Spanish section of the Camino: the octagonal church of the Holy Sepulchre with links to the Templars order. In Viana, admire the grand old mansions giving hints to its illustrious past. Viana was a heavily fortified frontier town, with a popular market and important halt on the camino route. In Logrono, admire the cathedral and a multitude of monuments and in the evening, stroll the many tapas bars and interesting cafes and restaurants to celebrate completing your first leg of the camino.  
Hotel El Cid (Classic)

Take some additional time to enjoy Logrono. If continuing to Villafranca, there are trains to Madrid (3h30) and then you would travel Madrid to Ponferrada (4h30), enjoying the scenery by train. Alternatively, there may be private transfers available. Non-walking day.
Hotel Bierzo Plaza, Ponferada

DAY 7Andalucia Cycling 7 Days
Ponferada to Villafranca del Bierzo
(walk 23 km)
Walk from Ponferada to the lovely village of Camponaraya and and on to Villafrana del Bierzo. This walk passes many vineyards and oak forests.  Villafranca, located at the mouth of the Valcarce valley, was originally a community of Cluniac monks.
Hotel las Donas el Portazo (Classic)

Villafranca del Bierzo to O’Cebreiro (walk 27.8 km)
From Villafranca, you will climb through unspoiled countryside of heather and broom, pines, chestnuts and oaks enjoying a magnificent view over the Valcarce valley up to El Cebreiro, famous for its pallozas, straw-roofed dwellings.
Hotel El Cebreiro (Casual)

O’Cebreiro to Triacastella (walk 28.5 km)
Departing O’Cebreiro enjoy a long descent passing through Linares, Alto de San Roque, and Hospital da Condesa, perhaps one of the oldest hospitals along the camino ; there were 4 hospitals between O’Cebreior and Fonfria. After passing through the small hamlets of Filloval, As Pasantes and Ramil, you reach Triacastella (a name which means ‘three castles’). There were several hospitals here, including one that included a prison for riotous pilgrims, where you can still read graffiti left by them.
Casa Pacios (Casual)

DAY 10
Triacastella to Sarria (walk 17.3 or 21 km)
There are two alternate routes between Triacastella and Sarria. The recommended one is longer but passes the beautiful monastery of Samos, one of the most ancient in Spain. During the Golden Age of Spanish art and literature, Sarria contributed some eminent names including the eminent writer and theologian Fray Luis de Grenada and sculptor Gregorio Fernandez, part of whose work can be admired along the camino.
Hotel Alfonso IX (Classic)

DAY 11
Sarria to Portomarin (walk 21.5 km)
Begin your walk passing Barbadelo and other villages, through a varied landscape of oaks, chestnuts and fields enclosed by slate walls or chantos, indicating Celtic history. The terrain becomes more rugged until arriving at Portomarin, which overlooks the river Mino. The importance of Portomarin is demonstrated by the fact that three great military religious orders had headquarters there: The Knights of Santiago; Templars and Order of St. John of Jerusalem.
Pousada de Portomarin (Classic)

DAY 12
Portomarin to Palas de Rei (walk 23.9 km)
The landscape continues to change as the countryside becomes softly undulating with small oak trees, pines and gorse. You will see typical Galician horreos, built of wood or stone and raised storage for grain granaries which date back to the 12th century.
Casa Leopoldo (Casual)

DAY 13

Palas de Rei to Arzua (walk 28.6 km)
After passing the villages of San Julian do Camino, Porto de Bois and Coto, you leave the region of Lugo and enter la Coruna via Cornixa and Leboreiro following an ancient medieval road. In Arzua is the convent of La Magdalena, a 14th century Augustinian foundation, and other monuments.

DAY 14

Arzua to O’Pino (walk 16.2)
Arzua to O’Pino of the camino pass through many small hamlets hidden amongst eucalyptus trees. You will see and feel a heightened excitement as Santiago nears. Your lodging tonight is a charming village inn with 7 guestrooms and a museum attached.
O Muino de Pena, O Pino (Casual)

DAY 15

O’Pino to Santiago (walk 22.2 km)
After 12 days of walking, your anticipation will build as you make your way towards the completion of your pilgrimage in Santiago itself. Arriving to the main plaza, admire the Santiago cathedral and the many architectural gems of this city. Receive your compostela (a certificate of accomplishment for having walked the camino) and then reward yourself with a fine dinner in one of the many great restaurants (we will provide our favourites), or celebrate with the many pilgrims who will be with taking tapas drinking vino tinto in the streets around the main plaza.
Monumento San Francisco (Luxe)

DAY 16

Depart from Santiago. After breakfast at your hotel, you can depart at your leisure. If you have time, we suggest you consider the noon pilgrim mass where you can observe the tradition of the botafumeiro incense to bless pilgrims.

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