9 days/8 nights, with 7½ days of walking

Start any date from April to November

3 to 6 hours of hiking each day

There are hard climbs on most days

Classic Accommodation:   US$2240               

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Luxe Accommodation:   US$2970

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  • 8 nights hotels
  • All breakfasts and 2 dinners
  • Luggage transfers
  • Comprehensive Tour Details with detailed pre-trip information
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You start in Santa Margherita.

The closest airports are in Genoa, Milan and Pisa. All of these are international airports with flights from European capitals as well as from Rome.

From all of these locations it is possible to take a train to Santa Margherita (Genoa 30-60 min; Milan 4-5 hrs — via Genoa; Pisa 2-3 hrs — via La Spezia).

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Cinque Terre Hiking 9 Days

Welcome to the Ligurian Coast — the jewel of the Mediterranean! Become entranced by the seductive charms of this stunning coastline. Feel the heat of the sun as you walk through terraced citrus orchards and vineyards high-above the sparkling blue waters of the sea. Breathe the aroma of freshly baked foccaccia while meandering the cobbled streets of tiny cliffside villages. Embrace the contrast between Santa Margherita’s stately villas and chic boutiques with the tranquility of Mediterranean oak forests teaming with butterflies, birds and wild flowers. Delight your palate each night with traditional pastas and fresh seafood while sipping a crisp Ligurian white. Discover this most exquisite.

Cinque Terre Hiking 9 DaysDay 1
Arrive in Santa Margherita a beautiful seaside town with palm-lined harbour and boulevards. Spend some time getting acclimatized by exploring the many sites in town - the Villa Durazzo, the churches and the many shops. Perhaps go for a short warm-up walk to Portofino.

Day 2
Dramatic landscapes is the watchword of the day as you explore the protected area of Parco di Portofino (location of some of the best hiking in Italy!). Your route follows the contour of the peninsula, beginning in Camogli and heading toward the sanctuary in San Rocco. Stop for lunch in the small village of San Fruttuoso - accessible only on foot or by boat, ending the day in the elite resort town of Portofino, before heading back to Santa Margherita.
Distance: 18 km, elevation gain 755 m or shortcut, gain 530 m.* (4.5 hours)

Day 3
A short train ride will take you to the trailhead for your walk to the Cinque Terre region. Beginning in the village of Framura follow the path past a 15th century guard tower and a delightful Romanesque chapelle, through the picturesque village of Bonassola - famous in antiquity for its baths (perhaps stop in for a dip). Another day of stellar views and sensational walking. Night in Monterosso.
Distance: 12 km, elevation gain 520 m
.* (3.5 hours)

Day 4
Explore the hills above Monterosso today - stopping in at the Sanctuary of Sovoire and at the top of Colla Bagari for great views. You’ll also have time to explore the historic sites in Monterosso—like the 13th century church of St. John and the castle ruins. Night in Monterosso.
Distance: 11 km, elevation gain 650 m.* (4.5 hours)

Day 5Cinque Terre Hiking 9 Days
The classic Cinque Terre walking trail awaits you today. Begin in Monterosso, the northernmost of the five famous perched villages and make your way to the southernmost - Riomaggiore. See for yourself what makes this region so famous! Be sure to stop in at one or more of the enotecas that can be found in these villages, to sample some local fare. Night in Riomaggiore.
Distance: 13 km, elevation gain 550 m.* (4.5 hours)
In the event that the coastal trail (Senturo Azzuro #2) between Vernazza and Riomaggiore is closed, an alternative is to walk Senturo #2 Monterossa to Vernazza , take the train to Corniglia (4 minutes, one stop), then alternate trails from Corniglia to Riomaggiore.
Distance: 14 km, elevation gain 1160 m.*

Day 6
Start you day in Riomaggiore and walk the last section of trail in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Cinque Terre. Your destination is the charming village of Portovenere.
Distance: 15 km, elevation gain 680 m.* (5.5 hours)

Day 7
Today is an island walk around Isola Palmaria, a short ferry from Portovenere. An island noted for its natural beauty, the scent of sage, myrtle, broom, acacias and strawberry-trees will follow you all day long. On this walk you will encounter panoramic views, evocative grottoes, and remnants of a ferocious past. Night in Lerici.
Distance: 11 km, elevation gain 305 m.* (3 hours)

Day 8
Explore the area along the coast of the Golfo dei Poeti - so named because this was the area that Byron , Shelley, Sand, and others, came to be inspired. Your walk will take you to the old European seaside village of Tellaro. Spend some time at one of the many beaches along your route, before returning to Lerici.
Distance: 11 km, elevation gain 680 m.* (4.75 hrs)

Day 9

Enjoy a final stroll around Lerici, before heading off on your next adventure.

*Distance and elevation gains may vary depending on hotels chosen for specific departure.

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