January 2009

making it simple

Happy New Year to our active traveler friends! Plan ahead to travel with your friends or family- we offer 10% discount per person if you travel with 6 people or more! (valid for bookings made until February 31th  2009).

Enjoy gentle cycling only 1h30 from Paris with your family in the Loire Valley...Walk and pamper yourself in our new luxe hotels option in Tuscany...Savour the delights of Provence with your friends...

Provence Cycling 6 Days
Cycling in Northern Provence is a sensual experience. Stop to admire the texture of olive trees against old stone walls. Taste fresh chèvre mingled with piquant tapenade. Listen to the splash of fountains in village squares lined with rustling plane trees. Cycle slowly

and savour !

6 Days / 5 nights

ff B&B Accommodation:

ff Classic Accommodation:
ff Luxe Accommodation:

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Amboise Short escape cycling 4 days
Base yourself in a spectacular spot in the “valley of the kings”. Enjoy the bustle of Amboise, a delightful town that was once home to the royal court and where Leonardo Da Vinci spent the last few years of his life. Then ride through world-famous vineyards to troglodyte houses and breathtaking châteaux...

4 Days / 3 nights
ff Classic Accommodation:
ff Luxe Accommodation:
ff B&B Accommodation:


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New ! Tuscany walking 8 days luxe hotels
To answer the demand from travelers, we have added a luxe accommodation option for our walking tour in Tuscany.

Tuscany is art. Perfectly proportioned villas framed by elegant cypresses cap lines of hills. Towns and villages display layers of heritage in stately palazzi, decorated window frames, even doorknockers and wine bottle labels. Picture yourself walking in Tuscany, and imagine the delights of a self-guided tour.

8 days/ 7 nights

Luxe Accommodation: 


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Hotel Il Chiostro
Formerly a convent, this      hotel features views over the countryside from its gardens.

 Hotel San Simeon

Rocca D'orcia

This luxurious hotel enjoys marvelous views over some of the most famous hills of Tuscany. Swimming Pool.


Corsica cycling 8 days

Justifiably called L'Ile de Beaute (Island of Beauty), Corsica offers an unrivalled variety of terrain and scenery; with its fascinating history, distinctive food, and passionate people, Corsica is a destination with a culture all its own. Much of the cycling is along dramatic coastline where the azure waters of the Mediterranean offer refreshing dips.

8 Days / 7 nights
ff Classic Accommodation:

ff Luxe Accommodation:


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