November, 2011

Vietnam Special Departure

Only 4 spots left

Jan 29- Feb 7, 2012

Enchanting, exotic, and fast becoming the most popular destination in Indochina, Vietnam features lush countryside, colorful village markets, dramatic beach coastline and friendly, engaging people. Robbin McKinney, owner and President of Randonnee Tours will be co-guiding this departure.

10 days / 9 nights
gg Luxe Accommodation:
  US$ 3450

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Costa Rica Multisport

The cycling is on paved roads where you’ll ride through lush vegetation, past volcanoes, rainforests and waterfalls. With opportunities to raft, kayak, zip-line and or hike through jungle beneath the vaulting canopy of ancient rainforests. English speaking driver and support vehicle included!

8 Days / 7 nights
ff Classic Accommodation:
US$ 2900


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Croatia Cycling

Imagine the Mediterranean the way it used to be, in a country that has all the essential elements for the perfect cycling vacation- quiet roads, an abundance of historical sites and now, wonderful hotels (see examples to the right) and restaurants to enjoy.

7 Days / 6 nights
Classic Accommodation: 
US$ 1950
ff Luxe Accommodation:
US$ 3030

High season sup apply from Jul 1-Aug 30th

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Hotel Pastura (classic)

This 4-star hotel has a favourable seaside location directly on the beach at Pastira. The hotel boasts a fresh water swimming pool, fitness center and massage services. There is a restaurant in the hotel.

Le Meridien (luxe)

Located just outside of Split, with its own 800 meter beach and dock facilities, this hotel features a high-end spa, large infinity swimming pool (pictured here) that make it one of the top hotels in Croatia.

Enchanting Amalfi Coast

Explore hiking trails that take you off the beaten path; from the Isle of Capri to the charming villages along this dramatic stretch of coastline. Indulge your senses in a cooking course. Hike the aptly named, 'Path of the Gods' one of several stunning walks- we even provide a local guide day for this one.

7 Days / 6 nights
ff Classic Accommodation:
US$ 2895
ff Luxe Accommodation:
US$ 5895

ff B&B Accommodation:

US$ 2595

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