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Randonnee Tours: Top 10 Romantic Places for 2014

Travelling with your romantically inclined loved one can present challenges and advantages, in equal amounts. Morning person vs night owl, museum or art gallery, malbec or chardonnay,  beach day vs active adventure. We at Randonnée think the destination can also aide in the uniting a couple’s enjoyment of each other. So, with the help of Lonely Planet, Frommers and Travel + Leisure, we thought we’d take the sting out of the travelling-couple’s woes and offer you our Top Ten Most Romantic Places. All these destinations are, in some way, part of many Randonnée Tours’ year-round trips and some of the world’s most romantic cities and regions. Valentine's Day is approaching (hint, hint).

P.S.for any trip booked in February from this list, where we offer an Extension (indicated by *) we will offer 50% off the Extension price where two people are booking. Happy Valentines.


San Francisco

San Francisco California USA guided bike tours self guided

The steeped streets, vintage trollies, eerie romance of Alcatraz and the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, all ensures the City by the Bay as one of North America’s most unique and alluring cities. Head north to the Napa Valley, (where we have bikes waiting) and you will discover wine country, fabulous hotels and dreamy cycling routes.

  Take me cycling in Napa »  

Dalmatian Coast

Emerging from its storied past as a gleaming gem in the Mediterranean, Croatia is basking in the glory that is its own archipelago, the Dalmatian Coast. Life in a turquoise watery edge, island-hopping and lounging on golden beaches, all make embracing the charms and ease of love effortless.*Dubrovnik Extension offered

  Take me cycling to Croatia »  


This city comes into its own at night. The warm orange glow illuminates the city’ impressive buildings and narrow cobbled streets. In addition to our cycling trip from Prague to Vienna, we also have several new Czech walking trips; our  local Area Manager (and documentary film maker and itinerant traveler)  Pavla will join a special departure departure June 7-19. Limited space-please call for details.  *Extension offered


  Take me walking in Southern Bohemia »  


The jewel of Renaissance Italy, Florence is a city for lovers of art and artists. Although a busy business centre the city is filled with flowery green spaces, benches and quiet piazzas, made just for snuggling. It’s also the gateway to one of the country’s most romantic regions, Tuscany. Our trip in 2014 will feature a two new hotels we are sure you will love. Romantico!

  Take me cycling in Tuscany »  

Cinque Terre

A place that doesn’t accommodate cars has a natural unhurried, calm and pure character. These colourful, fairytale villages perched on the side of a rugged cliff provide an impossibly romantic atmosphere, fueled by the modest luxury of boat and footpaths as the only points of access.

  Take me hiking in Cinque Terre »  

Cote D'Azur

The French Riviera hardly needs any help in getting people attracted to its glistening shores, this coast is one of the more revered in the world. If hedonism is a theme to which you subscribe, then the Côte d’Azur is your subject.

  Take me walking to Cote D'Azur »  


The Eternal City oozes romance at every corner and ever level, macro and micro. Its ornate allure offers a part dream, part reality experience with the most impressive structures from the ancient world loom over lunching Romans canoodling over a shared prosciutto panini.From Rome, Puglia is an easy train ride away...

  Take me cycling in Puglia »  


Barcelona Spain Catalonia Bike Tours

When a city becomes an artist’s muse you know it’s something special. Painters, poets, writers and sculptures have graced the Ramblas of this fine city to capture its allure, its enchantment, its romantic heart. They failed. Its intrigue has to be experienced, with your lover’s hand in yours and your heart wide open.*Extension offered

  Take me cycling in Catalonia »  

Vaison la Romaine

France guided bike tours self-guided

It has one of the oldest markets in France, superb restaurants and wonderful hotels including the Hotel Beffroi, with a romantic terrace overlooking Seguret, Gigondas and the Luberon, which, if you take our advice, you will be cycling (or hiking) in the days that follow. We will treat you to dinner at a lovely countryside restaurant that hasn't yet found its way into guidebooks, but will be your favourite meal in France.

  Take me cycling in Provence »  


Prague to Vienna Europe guided bike tours

This magical city attracts travellers by its genius musical heritage, architectural magnificence and impossibly cozy coffee house culture. Snuggle up with your lover in a dark corner with a creamy coffee and generous slab of chocolate cake. On our Prague to Vienna cycling trip, arriving to Vienna will be worthy of a celebration. * Extension offered

  Take me cycling Prague-Vienna »  


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