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World Europe self guided bike company

Food & The Ride (or Walk) to get you there...


Prosciutto - Italy

Self guided Italy bike tour company

Served wrapped around melon, wrapped around grissini, placed over pizza, heaped over salad, this salty, paper-thin air-dried hams enhance the taste of everything they accompany. It is produced all over Italy but the best regions for it are in northern Italy like Piemonte, Tuscany cycling or walking and Umbria cycling or walking after a thrilling day in the saddle or on the trails.

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Coquinas - Spain

Self guided Spain bike tour company

Clams from the Huelva and Cadiz coasts will grace the menus of almost every restaurant you enter in the illustrious province of Andalucía and in Costa Brava. These garlicky little suckers are particularly good with a glass of Spanish white after a day of cycling. Slurping welcome!

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Croissants - France

Self guided France bike tour company

No trip to France is complete with this delicacy! Flaky pastry smothered in butter, there is nothing not to love about this fatty, sweet breakfast food that should be married to a cup of strong coffee  - the perfect fuel for spending the day exploring the Dordogne by bike  or on foot.

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Cuan Oysters - Ireland

Self guided Ireland bike tour company

The speed of the tidal movement, and the huge nutrient richness of the water, is apparently what makes them mouth-wateringly good. Each of our Ireland West coast cycling tour and walking tour have many surprises of which the Irish oysters are just one.

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White Truffle - Italy

Self guided Italy bike tour company

Once again Italy produces one of the most unique and tasty morsels on the planet. The white truffle from Alba Piemonte is one of the rarest and most expensive foods in the world. We take you through the famed truffle lands on our Piemonte cycling tour.

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Portuguese Tart - Lisbon

Self guided Portugal bike tour company

The original Pasteis café in the Belém district of Lisbon, has been creating this creamy, flaky custard tart from their secret recipe since 1837 - more than 10,000 delights are baked here every day! This unassuming little treat is Portugal's great culinary gift to the world. Our Alentejo cycling tour offers the perfect antidote to an over indulgence of custardy heaven.

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Crni Rizot - Croatia

Self guided Croatia bike tour company

Seafood black risotto. Croatia’s food scene is a heavenly mix of ancient Greeks and Romans, Italians, Turks, French so you’re guaranteed a festival of flavours for the taste buds in every bite. Our tour of Croatia’s glistening Dalmatian Islands offers up a treat for all the senses, taste buds included!

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Strudel - Vienna

Self guided Prague Vienna bike tour company

Austria is known the world over for its pastries, and Vienna as the sweet capital of cakes. Coffee houses filled with flaky, sweet, creamy, fruity, handmade sweets are the pride of this city and nation. Our Prague to Vienna cycling tour ends in this confection capital and we can show you the best coffee houses that showcase their cultural pride in all its sugary glory. For hikers, we have a new Czech hiking trip upcoming also.

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Pipas - Costa Rica

Self guided Costa RIca bike tour company

Green coconut water is said to be so pure it can be used as plasma in an emergency. We’re not about to put that theory to a test but we guarantee its effectiveness in hydrating and cooling off a warm body enjoying multiple activities in the heat. On our multisport tour in Costa Rica you’ll be treated to many fresh coconuts along the way, opened up right in front of you to reveal its refreshing juice inside.

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Cioppino - California

Self guided California bike tour company

Thought California was all zinfandel and pizza? Think again! This hearty seafood stew is a California staple originating in San Francisco from the leftovers of the day’s catch. Today it’s an Italian-American masterpiece served all over this eclectic city. Our California cycling tour takes place just north of San Francisco and your steaming bowl of cioppino.

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