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Self-guided vacations offer incredible convenience, choice and flexibilty allowing independent and open-minded travelers an opportunity to explore the world at their own pace. Considering the multitude of destinations, activities, level of challenge, duration, accommodations and the inherent autonomy associated to self-guided vacations, it's important to make sure that you consider carefully the options available and your abilities. These are elements we suggest to keep in mind when booking your next active vacation:


Self-guided "Minimum Requirements"


Is self-guided for me? That is probably the first question one should ask when thinking about going on a self-guided trip for the first time. Self-guided vacations are best enjoyed when you adequately consider your expectations and fitness level. These are important questions you should ask yourself and be able to answer YES when choosing your self-guided trip:


Do I feel comfortable with the number of consecutive active days, daily distances, elevation gains and technical difficulty of the terrain?

Why it is essential: on a self-guided trip there is not a support van following you to hop-on when you had enough for the day as there may be on a guided tour. The more comfortable you are with the level of activity/difficulty the more you will enjoy the tour. You will have more time and spare energy for the other aspects of your vacation.


If your answer is no to the tour you are considering, we suggest to:

  • choose an easier tour
  • train adequately
  • ask us about a custom tour
  • consider a guided trip with Great Explorations (our partner company)


Do I feel comfortable asking the locals for directions, help or tips if I feel like I need some?


Why it is essential: asking locals is often the most efficient and pleasant way to find your way or the information you are seeking. From our experience, engaging with locals is part of the fun.


If your answer is no, we suggest to:

  • remember that in non English speaking countries, locals may speak better English than you speak their language; don't be shy- a smile and gesturing will often work well
  • carry a pocket dictionnary and learn basic sentences and words such "Hello, how do I go to..., where is..., thank you"
  • consider a guided trip with Great Explorations (our partner company)


Do I feel comfortable orienting myself with what Randonnée Tours provides: highlighted maps, route descriptions; for gps data- it implies that you will bring your GPS device/GPS enabled smartphone?


Why it is essential: it is an important component of self-guided vacations and therefore you have to feel confident in your ability to follow written route directions and read maps. Regardless of how clearly written the route instructions are or how detailed the maps, it is possible that you may 'lose your way temporarily' at some point when traveling on bike or on foot.


If your answer is no, we suggest to:

  • consider a guided trip wtih Great Explorations (partner company).


If going on a cycling trip, do I know how to repair/replace a punctured inner tube; have I already done it?


Why it is essential: although uncommon, the reality is that “flat” tires happen. We ensure that you have a spare tube and the tools, but you need to be able to fix it yourself on your trip.


If your answer is no, we suggest to:

  • look at video tutorials on internet
  • practice at home
  • take a clinic from your local bike shop, MEC or REI
  • consider a guided trip with Great Explorations (our partner company)


Selection Criteria



Our shortest trips are 4 days long (Short Escape); our longest trip listed is the Camino de Santiago, 14 days. We are always willing to organize custom trips (we recently organized a 50+ day trip throughout Italy for a group of friends).


We indicate on each tour description the recommended season to travel. The beginning and the end of the recommended season are often quieter. If you are planning on traveling during a busier season we highly recommend booking early with us. You will save money (early bird price) and have a better chance to get the best accommodations and rooms.



We offer and directly operate more self-guided trips than any other company. You can choose from more than 110 trips in 12 countries and 35 regions. Every year we add new trips, regions and countries. If you want to go somewhere we do not have listed on our website or catalogue yet, please contact us.

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Our trips are divided in four different type of activities: Biking (road biking or mountain biking), Walking/Hiking (on quiet paved roads, gravel/dirt roads or hiking trails), Multi-Sport (mixing biking, walking/hiking and canoeing, kayaking or rafting). Our Short Escape usually include biking and walking/hiking. In addition, certain trips include additional activities such as guided walking tours, cooking courses, wine tastings, etc.

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Difficulty: Distance, Elevation, terrain

Daily distances, elevation gains, type of terrain, extra rides, add-on, short cuts.



You have a choice of accommodation level. We offer three levels, something for every taste (and budget).

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Straight talk

At Randonnée Tours, we want to make sure that you choose the trip most suitable for you and that any surprises are good ones.


Additional Information: Icons


These icons are made to help you capture quickly important characteristics/aspects of the tour you are looking at.

Click on the icons to find the related trips.


New Trip: latest addition to our trip offerings. We are always adding new trips.
Family Friendly: tour and activities suitable for families travelling with children.
Must Do: do you have a bucket list? This one is on ours.

Most Popular: lots of our clients choose this tour.

More Options: on severeal occasions the itinerary offers  hikes/rides with add-ons, extra loops or short-cuts. Ideal for groups with different abilities.
Foodies Favourite: food and wine lovers will be very happy.

New Bikes: we replaced our fleet, added new models or styles of bikes.

New Routes: we created new rides/hikes or modified the existing ones.
President's Pick: Robbin loves all of our trips but these are personal favourites.
New Accommodations: we modified some accommodations or added a new category (Luxe, Classic, Casual/B&B).
New Activities: we added some extras (cooking course, guided visit, wine tasting...) to the existing program.




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