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Sustainable Commitment


Randonnée Tours is acutely aware of the fragility of our natural environment and committed in all of its operations to minimizing impacts and in donating in ways that will help. Here are some of the initiatives we have taken:

Offsetting our carbon emission:

  • We have offset our annual carbon dioxide emissions from luggage transfers on all of our self-guided trips.

  • We have offset 30,000km - 6.9971 tons of CO2 in a year with Sustainable Travel International in Gold Standard Projects.
    Gold Standard project are Renewable energy and energy efficiency projects inspected and validated by Clean Development Mechanism accredited Designated Operational Entities including The Gold Standard.

STI invests only in renewable energy and energy efficiency projects and projects that support environmental "additionality" of projects.   

STI Current projects:

  • Reducing tropical deforestation in the San Martín region, Peru: read more here

  • India, Solar technology – Orb: The project will develop a network of franchisees throughout India for the sale, installation, and service of solar water heaters, solar electricity units, and energy efficiency appliances.

  • Ghana, Efficient Cook Stoves : read more here.

  • Protecting Madagascar's Northeastern Forests : The Makira Forest Project aims to achieve the related goals of conservation, economic development and carbon sequestration. The project will work to reduce deforestation rates down to 0.07 percent, or the rate found in nearby national parks. An independent assessment by Winrock International indicates that 9.5 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions will be mitigated over the next 30 years through these forest protection activities.

What you can do to offset your flight:

  • We encourage you to offset your flight emission. Here's how it works: if you add polluting emissions to the atmosphere, you can effectively subtract them by purchasing 'carbon offsets'. Carbon offsets are simply credits for emission reductions achieved by projects such as wind farms, solar installations, or energy efficiency retrofits. Calculate and offset your flight emission here with STI.

At our office in Vancouver:

  • In choosing suppliers for our office operations, we have chosen companies who demonstrate a commitment to the environment. Examples: FedEx and Novex Couriers, Mountain Equipment Co-op, Hemlock Printing.
  • We use 100% recycled paper for all final packages & paper supplies in our offices.

  • We recycle our print cartridge with a local company in Vancouver: Print Savers.

  • Our brochures are printed on paper from well managed forests, controlled sources and recycled wood or fibers and contain the FSC logo (stimulating responsible management of the world's forests).
  • We only send brochures to those who specifically ask for them.

  • All employees either bicycle, walk or use public transport to get to and from work.

  • Employees are committed to re-cycling and using re-cycled products where possible.

Randonnée Operation:

  • In the regions in which we operate tours, we have looked for ‘good environmental practices’ as criteria in selecting hotels and suppliers.
  • We use locally owned hotels, B&B’s, restaurants and taxi/shuttle companies in order to stimulate the local economy.
  • In everything we do and in all of our communications, we promote travel by bicycle and on foot.


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