Photo Contest

Congratulations to our 2016 Photo Contest Winners. The winner of each category receives a $500 trip credit towards any trip that Randonnée Tours offers. Thank you to everyone who participated. We hope these photographs will inspire you to travel with us in 2017.

And the winners are...


Moments Category Winner 2016: Jaci S. - Tuscany



"This trip to Italy for my husband and I was very special. We are both in our 50s and had only been married a year when we took this trip. At this particular moment I felt like this was probably one of the most romantic places we had ever been...As we came outside to go down to dinner the sun was setting and the sky was filled with colors so beautiful over the miles and miles of vineyards. I felt like we were in a dream. I wanted time to stand still as we watched the sun going down. As we walked down the steps our friends took a picture of us as we kissed on the steps. It was magical for both of us. This was truly a dream come true to be in the vineyards of Tuscany . To be crazy in love with a man I had just married in one of the most romantic places in the world!!!" Jaci S., Farmington, UT Tuscany, Italy


Honourable Mentions


Maggie K. - Canadian Rockies



"In the summer of 2016, my father and I biked from Banff to Bow Lake with Randonee Tours. After an amazingly beautiful experience, we added a day of hiking to our adventure and set off from Lake Louise to summit Mount Fairview. Due to a forecast predicting afternoon thunderstorms, we started early. The sky was a bit foreboding and we encountered a few squalls on the way! Ultimately, we summited Fairview with clear skies and were rewarded with this amazing view. A perfect end to a wonderful adventure with Randonnee Tours!" Maggie K., Cambridge, MA Canadian Rockies


Peter C. - Normandy



"One of the great things about the Randonnee bike routes, in addition to taking you down side roads that you would never have found by yourself, are the callouts to interesting sites to check out like old churches and the like.” Peter C., New York, NY. Normandy, France



Places Category Winner 2016: Tom R. - Slovenia to Italy



"In September, my wife Deanna and I embarked on the 8 day Slovenia bike tour that ended in Italy. The picture was taken on day three of the Slovenia tour when bike from Bled to Kranjska Gora. We had a long lunch, stopped and took pictures, rode slot, etc.  The picture was taken toward the end of the day's ride as you start to get into the more scenic and mountainous portion of the ride.  I would say it was about 5 km prior to getting to Kranjska Gora.  There is a beautiful mountain range to the south that I had to take a picture of. " Tom R., Seattle, WA Slovenia & Italy


Honourable Mentions


Jan C. - Puglia



"This picture says it all to us.  A beautiful courtyard with flowers, fountains, palm trees, blended with the anticipation of hopping on our bikes to ride to our next magical destination!" Jan C., West Vancouver, BC Puglia, Italy


Stacy L. & Jonathan R. - Canadian Rockies



"We had long dreamed of cycling in the Canadian Rockies, and were thrilled to have the opportunity to make the trip a reality to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary. (And we confess we were delighted also to have the chance to spend more than just a night or two away from our sons for the first time since our oldest son was born 12 years ago!) After the steep climb up, it was a thrill to see the beauty and majesty of Lake Louise before us. We were really there! We met twenty years ago as co-leaders on a U.S. coast-to-coast bike tour for teenagers, and cycling and bike touring remains one of our great shared passions. Cycling the Canadian Rockies deserves its incredible reputation--unforgettable scenery, epic riding, wonderful lodges, and Canadian hospitality." Stacy L. & Jonathan R., Burbank, CA Canadian Rockies




Faces Category Winner 2016: Jan C. - Puglia



"The heart of Puglia could possibly be the ancient and amazing olive orchards.  Trees close to 1,000 years old.  What better a place for a picture of Puglia than the heart of an olive tree?" Jan C., West Vancouver, BC Puglia, Italy


Honourable Mentions


JoAnn R. - Niagara Wine Region



Rochelle D. - Holland and Belgium



"This picture was taken infront if the beautiful Gouda city hall. At the same time, we explored the wonderful ceramics market set up in the square. Our trip to Holland and Belgium was one of our best-the beautiful villages, amazing cycling paths and the depth of the cultural and historical heritage of these countries added incredibly to the pleasures of the trip." Rochelle D., Toronto, ON Amsterdam to Bruges


In 2017 become a Randonnée Tours photographer!

The contest has three categories: Faces, Places and Moments. You can submit up to 5 photos per category. The winner of each category will receive a $500 trip credit.


It might be a French
winemaker swirling a
glass of his wine before
tasting in Burgundy;
elderly ladies sitting in
a square in an Italian
village, or (if you join
one of our special
departures to Vietnam)
a woman selling boat
trips on the river in Hoi


Whether in the
magnificent scenery of
the Canadian Rockies,

viewing a monastery on
a lake in Czech Republic
on our Prague to Vienna trip,
or NapaValley vineyards
at firstlight, photographs
that capture the beauty
of a place are what
will win here.


There is no doubt that
your trip will include
magical moments
throughout. It could
be getting a shave in
Ostuni, Italy, listening to
a storyteller in Ireland,
dancing to Pizica music
in Puglia, Italy.





Advice from our in house photographer:

Increase your chances at taking great photographs by catching the light at its best (early morning, late afternoon); try to incorporate something into the picture that lets people know what country you are in (even a sign in the background can help). You don’t need people posing- it’s usually better if they aren’t. If they are wearing Randonnée Tours jerseys and t-shirts, we love that and of course, photos of people cycling are our favorites!

How to participate:
Submit your selection by email at or on CD by mail to our office. Please use .JPG format with a high resolution (1MB minimum). Email subject line: Photo Contest. You can also send us the link to uploaded pictures on websites such as dropbox, flickr, etc...

All entries become the property of Randonnée Tours Inc., and may be used for publicity purposes and published on our website. Winning entries will not necessarily be published. All submissions may be edited for publication.



Past Winners


John & Sharon N. - Croatia



Peter R. - Ireland



Lorraine B. - Burgundy



Cathy & Brian W. & David & Margaret S. - Provence South



Geoff & Janet P. - Dordogne



Lynn & Neil M. - Provence



M. Kseniak - Amalfi Hiking

This photographer submitted so many amazing photos that we had a tie for 1st prize...The picture on the right is the Grotta Azzurra on the island of Capri for those of you wondering...

B. Matthiesen - Provence Hiking

J. Ridge - Dordogne Biking

M. Kinne - Ireland Cycling; A. Bushkowsky - Loire Valley Cycling; A. Robins - Las Alpujarras Hiking (from left)

R.Yurick - Umbria Cycling

umbria cycling randonnee tours

P. Hardy - Ireland cycling

ireland cycling randonnee tours

D. Auld - Rockies Hiking

rockies hiking randonnee tours

C. Hill - Camino de Santiago Cycling

S. Colomby- Puglia cycling

P. Hesje - Tucany cycling

B. & S. Kelcher - Morocco Special Departure

J. Ladner - Brittany cycling

J. Brown and M. Neufeld - Cinque Terre Hiking

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