Photo Contest

2011 Photo Contest winners just announced!

We had so many great submissions this year that we just could not agree on only 3 winning photos! Therefore we added a 4th, 5th & 6th prize and the winners will get a 5% discount off their next adventure with Randonnee Tours.

Thank you to all who made the effort to submit their photos this year!

Become a Randonnee Tours photographer!

We are inviting our past, present, and future travelers to enter their pictures for our 2012 photo contest.

Each person can send between 1-20 photos; we'll choose your best for entry into the contest. Photographs will be judged on the 1st of December 2012.

First prize will receive 20% discount for one participant on your next adventure with Randonnée Tours
2nd prize 15% discount
3rd prize 10% discount

All pictures may be submitted by email at or on CD by mail to our office. Please provide in .jpg format with a high resolution (1MB maximum please).
Subject line: Photo Contest 2012
You can also send us the link to uploaded pictures on website such as flickr, webshot etc...

All entries become the property of Randonnee Tours Inc., and may be used for publicity purposes and published on our website. Winning entries will not necessarily be published. All submissions may be edited for publication.

Photo Contest 2011 Winners

First prize of 20% discount:

M. Kseniak - Amalfi Hiking - August/September 2011

This photographer submitted so many amazing photos that we had a tie for 1st prize...The picture on the right is the Grotta Azzurra on the island of Capri for those of you wondering...



Second Prize of 15% discount:

B. Matthiesen - Provence Hiking - November 2011


Third Prize of 10% discount:

J. Ridge - Dordogne Biking - July 2011


Fourth, Fifth & Sixth Prizes:

(from left)

M. Kinne - Ireland Cycling - July 2011; A. Bushkowsky - Loire Valley Cycling - August 2011; A. Robins - Las Alpujarras Hiking - May 2011




Photo Contest 2010 Winners

First prize of 20% discount:

R.Yurick - Umbria Cycling - May 2010

umbria cycling randonnee tours

Second Prize of 15% discount:

P. Hardy - Ireland cycling - June 2010

ireland cycling randonnee tours

Third prize of 10%   discount:

D. Auld - Rockies Hiking - July 2010

rockies hiking randonnee tours


Photo Contest 2009 Winners

First prize of 20% discount:

C. Hill - Camino de Santiago Cycling - August 2009

Second Prize of 15% discount:

S. Colomby- Puglia cycling - July 2009

Third prize of 10%   discount:

P. Hesje - Tucany cycling - September 2009


Photo Contest 2008 Winners

First prize of 20%discount: B. & S. Kelcher

- Morocco Special Departure - October 2008


Second Prize of 15% discount:

J. Ladner - Brittany cycling 8 days - September 2008

Third prize of 10%   discount:

J. Brown and M. Neufeld - Cinque Terre Hiking - April 2008

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