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In partnership with Great Explorations, we are now able to offer trips to regions of the world that do not lend themselves to self-guided travel.



Giro d'Italia May, 2019






Tour de France July, 2019







Enchanting, exotic, and fast becoming the most popular destination in Indochina, Vietnam features lush countryside, colorful village markets, dramatic beach coastline and friendly, engaging people. Whether cycling along rice paddies, walking ancient trails, or on the water visiting floating markets, our trip offers the best of this fascinating country.



Thailand & Laos

Offering perhaps the best cycling in southeast Asia, northern Thailand features magnificent natural scenery and a fusion of cultures where tribal groups still live traditionally. Monasteries, temples and monuments from kingdoms past are numerous and a multitude of rivers, including the mighty Mae Nam Khong (Mekong) make for perfect companions and lodging settings. For the epicurean, the food is, well, sensational and if you haven’t yet enjoyed Thai massage, here is your chance to be pampered. Enjoy.





Exotic and alluring, Morocco offers a fascinating culture; we’ll follow the ‘trail of the kasbahs’ into the Sahara, hike in the High Atlas, bike along the coast to the resort town of Essaouira, explore the town of Marrakech and more...





“This is Burma, and it will be quite unlike any land you know about”, wrote Rudyard Kipling in 1898. More than a century later, Burma’s lure endures as a place where time stands still; the bicycle remains a favorite way for locals to travel- we’ll follow their lead exploring the treasures of this exotic land.



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Randonnée Tours is North America's leading specialist in self-guided active tours and offers a wide variety of self-guided cycling, hiking, walking, and multi-sport tours.

Randonnée tours are available in Canada, France, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Croatia and the United States. These customized self-guided trips are perfect for individuals, couples, families, and groups of friends. Personal, thoughtful trips with all the arrangements made for you.

Begin your dream cycling or walking holiday now: browse a trip by activity or destination and transport yourself to south Provence, rural Italy or tempting Portugal...

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We know that you are going to be happy. Just to give you a few: Free Trip Milestone Award, Group & Family Pricing, Insider Exclusive Offers, Early Bird Price... On top of an exceptional value and genuine travel experiences, our guests enjoy among the best benefits in the travel industry. We offer a broad variety of perks so everyone can find a way to save and earn trip credits to explore the world a little more. Learn more



Croatia self guided cycling tourBicycles & Equipment

We believe that the bike you ride will be a critical factor in how much you enjoy your trip with Randonnée, which is why we continue to invest in the best, most suitable bikes for the trips we offer. Our objective is simple: no matter where you go, we offer you a high-quality, reliable, light, comfortable and dare we say fast bicycle. Learn more





Photo Contest: and the winners are...

We are happy to offer our three best photographers at total of $1500 trip credit. Our photo contest has three categories (face, places, moments). Learn more



New Portugal Cycling Trips

Beyond the Tejo River you’ll discover a rich agricultural region yet untouched by the masses of camera-wielding tourists seeking a touch of sun, sea and sand along with their culture. Dotted with curious megalithic dolmens, hilltop villages and marble towns, doused in Arabian heritage and edged by a lashing and dramatic Atlantic coast, the Alentejo is Portugal’s sleepy beauty. Learn more



New Prague to Vienna Walking Trips

After the success of our cycling tours, we are launching 4 new walking trips. This journey will start and finish in the celebrated Prague. Everything in between yields Baroque masterpieces framed by scenic valleys, Hansel and Gretel forests juxtaposed with vibrant urban life. Word is getting out about the Czech Republic; we highly recommend you get here now, before the crowds take your piece of eastern block charm and strudel with them. Learn more


Amalfi coast hiking, self guided tour

New Slovenia & Italy Cycling Trips
Slovenia and Italy are the perfect pairing of countries to combine into one exhilarating bike tour. What’s to like? Slovenia is bordered by Italy, Hungary, Austria and Croatia and has been influenced in its cuisine, art and culture. The country is small with dramatic scenery, quiet roads to bike and some wonderful hotels.
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Croatia self guided cycling tourNew California Cycling Trips
Ever wanted to star on your own Sideways movie? Ever coveted those wine-sampling vacationers lazily drifting from one vineyard to the next? Ever long for your own decadent foray into the delicate notes of a Pinot Noir before enjoying a downhill pedal back to your hotel? It’s not as far-fetched to see yourself in their shoes as you think. In California, life, like the wine, is appreciated, savoured and award-winning. Learn more


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"... your operation, from first contact to leaving the bikes at Marvao, was first rate. Office staff answered preliminary questions. Area Manager, on site, was excellent. Bikes, route, accommodations, were the best ever. We've never had a better bike touring experience!”


Peter & Diane H., Menlo, CA – Portugal 9 Days Cycling

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